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Ever observed how some people seem lucky or favored? Well, that might not be case: Finding the right recruitment partner is the first step in achieving your career goals.

Myjobseye is the number one partner when it comes to recruitment and replacement. Join-us today and be impressed!

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Are you an employer? Myjobseye has vast experience in Management Consulting as well as a Recruitment and placement. Since 2001 we have supported numerous organizationsin Kenya and beyond in various areas of Human Resource Management including supporting them in recruitment of employees, right from the top to operational level.

We provide the ‘best fit’ human resource solutions for every industry. !

Be Ready

As a Job-seeker, lack of preparation is a preparation to fail. To be prepared means to have more than just your CV ready. In Myjobseye we guide and assist you prepare in your career goals.

We anticipate the market and ready you for coming opoprtunities and at the same time we provide you with visibility to employers

Productivity & Training

In any organization, sales productivity is the key to driving revenue. We have comprehensinve tools and training programs for sales teams and management.

We go further and develop specialized tools and software that spike up productivity in any organization.

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