Who We are

MyJobsEye (K) Ltd was incorporated on 9th November 2001 in Nairobi, Kenya. We have established ourselves as the first internet-based recruitment provider of East Africa. Over 4,700 companies have access to over 175,400 CVs of job seekers. We are a Management Consulting as well as a Recruiting Company since its inception.

We have supported various organizations in Kenya in various areas of Human Resource Management including supporting them in recruitment of employees, right from the top to operational level.

In our vision to provide our clients with holistic Human Resources solutions, MyJobsEye has widened their services to provide staff training, development and human resources consultancy in the areas of: HR policies and procedures, job analysis, performance management systems, organizational structuring and training and professional development.



Solid Career Direction

Ever observed how some people seem lucky or favored? Well, that might not be case: Finding the right recruitment partner is the first step in achieving your career goals.

Myjobseye is the number one partner when it comes to recruitment and replacement.

As a job-seeker, lack of preparation is a preparation to fail. To be prepared means to have more than just your CV ready. In Myjobseye we guide and assist you prepare in your career goals. We anticipate the market and ready you for coming opoprtunities and at the same time we offer employers wit ha chance to meet with you

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Best Fit

At MyJobsEye recruitment means ensuring the ‘Best Fit’ by taking the time to understand the Job Seekers experience, achievements, aptitude, aspirations, and their track record. We counsel our Job Seekers about our client’s business, industry, and their expectations.

From the client’s point of view we take details of the organizational culture, management style, and the competencies, skills, experience and attitude required for the position to create the most suitable match.

The time you would spend in the process of the ‘Best Fit’ is money saved by you in making the right human resource choices. MyJobsEye believes in sustaining your corporate image in the long run, where employee branding is critical to the success of your company.

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